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Entrepreneur, Full-Stack Marketer & an Eternal Optimist

I’m a creative that is big on analytics. My forte is the ability to identify ways to take ANY company to the next level using measurable and immeasurable marketing strategies.

Currently, I do this for a living at a very specialized & highly selective marketing firm in the San Francisco Bay Area where we grow startups, large private institutions, government organizations, and more. Every now and then, we’ll help out a budding SMB that we like or believe in.

To me, culture is everything. All I need is freedom, a team that I can trust, and coffee of any sort –– and then sit back and watch me make something out of nothing.

At the core, I’m a multi-passionate idealistic entrepreneur. I don’t fit into a conventional box & my skills are as diverse as my taste for music & food – and I’m known to listen to and eat weird stuff!

I believe that you must bring your whole self to the business table if you want to kill it in today’s game. I also believe that marketing is the single greatest money-making and world-changing skill on the planet. And everyone — from entrepreneurs to artists, corporate executives to non-profit professionals — needs to learn it.

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A quick glance on how I got here. I didn’t just wake up like this (a la Beyonce)


By day, I’m a growth strategist at a digital marketing agency. My clients consist of companies of all sizes. From SMBs to large Fortune 500 companies to up-and-coming startups. I get to work with them all.

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By night, I work with desserts. It’s pretty sweet! It’s a gig that is 8 years in the making and a product of the proverbial sweat and blood relentless pursuit.

I pull from my experiences as a successful business owner and confidently share my best marketing strategies and tactics with clients. See #Career section above.

Marvin Fontanilla – SF Bay Area Entrepreneur


It all started with a blog. Then came the ads, followed by the affiliate programs, and then direct-ad buys. Then one site became two. Two sites became four…

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All Things Growth

Business development, marketing, and hope for humanity from a Silicon Valley growth strategist.


“It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light” — Under Armor