Who is Marvin Fontanilla?

You think you know, but you have no idea. The RBF has you fooled.

I’m Marvin. I’m a regular guy that enjoys the little things in life. I don’t take myself too seriously and I champion the successes of people around me.

I love my life because I enjoy the game.

Some people say that I’m a Hustler. I just say that I’m committed to a lifelong journey of learning and doing. Whether in my personal or professional life, I always try to be the best and often chase the best experiences that life has to offer. I’m never complacent.

I constantly feel like there’s more for myself and I’m always looking for those opportunities to grow and learn.

Things to know about me:

I am a relentless giver.

I truly believe that you can get everything you want in life by helping others achieve their goals. Reciprocity works in wondrous ways.

I am fiercely independent.

However, I know that I can’t do it all by myself. I work best on a team of A-players. For example, my gelato company is full of team members that are so skilled, that I feel like they are taking me for the ride.

I have high EQ.

I am a strong, caring, and an empathetic person. I genuinely believe that people are inherently good. At the same time, I am keenly aware about how people around me feel and the beliefs that motivate their actions.

I am the creative type.

I grew up ashamed to express my love for the arts, opera, paintings, etc. I remember being bullied for loving Yanni, a musical composer. As I grew older, I learned to embrace creativity and use it in a way to create competitive advantages.

Through this philosophy and a dogged amount of hard-work, I was able to create a life I love.

Everyone has their own journey… and this is mine.

I don’t own my own home. I don’t drive a fancy car. And I’m not wealthy in a traditional sense.

But I don’t really care because I already have everything I need. I am rich in experiences, have strong relationships, and I’m surrounded by love.

With that said, meet my better half.


“I genuinely believe that people are inherently good.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.